Thursday, August 19, 2010

The concept

The first thing I have to stress about this blog is:  we are not man haters.  That is usually the first thing that pops into somebody's mind when females start writing about their crappy experiences in dating.  We love guys.  If we didn't, we wouldn't be writing this blog or have experiences to share.  This blog is mostly about the men who really behave like boys and leave us baffled.  Believe us, we understand that there are plenty of women out there who behave like immature high school girls.  In no way are we oblivious to that fact.

The idea of this blog came about after sharing many of the funny pickup lines, pathetic stories, and general follies of our relationships, dating, and dating site adventures.  We needed a forum to share and maybe, just maybe get advice from any men out there who want to share with us.  Hopefully, somebody will gain insight from something we have to say.  Or maybe us ladies will learn a thing or two as well. And really, much of what we write can be applied to both genders.  It just so happens that this staff is all female.  (And no, not all of us are single either.)

Nothing on this site is meant to be ill-willed... okay, maybe some of it.  Everybody has had an experience or two (or ten) with a douchey person. The first person who slams us for our opinions needs to check themselves.  Who hasn't had a bad relationship experience that they've shared on facebook, twitter, text message, verbally, or on a stone tablet? 

Bare with us as we figure out this blogging thing and get stuff set up as we'd like.  You may see changes over time as P.J. figures out this blogger stuff.

-TR@B staff
(Paisley Jane, Sydney Rose Lee, and company)


If anybody would like to be a guest author on this site (male or female), please feel free to email us.  We will gladly post guest stories.  Our only requirement is that you make everything as anonymous as possible.  No real names.

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