Monday, September 20, 2010

Losing the Race at the Starting Gate

Today’s lesson ladies and gents:
How to kill a relationship before it even begins… way before. No, seriously, like before we even want to consider going out on a date with you beginning.
(Thanks for the topic, Betty.)

You could possibly consider this a continuation of every other post we’ve had. Think of this as more hints and tips on what NOT to do when trying to score a date. Our third post goes back to the online environment since the majority of us here have dealt with online creepers in one form or another.

In general, trying to snag a date with somebody online (whether it is a dating site, somebody you like on facebook, or some other random internet place) consists of a normal pattern for those who are semi-responsible or concerned for their own well being. I have to stress "responsible" people. There are some guys and gals on dating sites who will give out their cell numbers to anything that has enough fingers to text a hook up location without any type of caution or care. This pattern is not usually used by said people. Said people are typically not the people writing for this blog. We say typical because well, even we admit that sometimes a one-night stand isn’t the worst thing in the world…. But we digress from the point of this matter.

The responsible pattern (that we have just admitted some of us are prone to stray from on an occasion once in awhile) is:
  1. Send a message to somebody who you find interesting and see if they respond.
  2. Converse back and forth about common interests to get a few feelers on personality and well, you know, to try and gauge if the person is a total nut case.
  3. Exchange some instant messages or texts. (Some choose to skip this step and go straight to 4 which is okay.)
  4. Meet up if said person passes the first three items.
Most people hope when hitting send on a message to get to step 4. Some people manage to go from step 1 to step -4 all with the click of the button. For those of you with no imagination, step -4 is the step where you get your a$$ blocked from all communication attempts known to man.