Monday, January 3, 2011

We believe in the power of bribery

Hey, we like being bribed as well.  Of course, we like to think of it as encouragement in the form of getting something for free.  And really, who doesn't like that?

To try and help the Throwing Rocks community grow on Facebook, we're going to run a members contest this month.  As of right now, our count is at 117 members.

For every 100 members Throwing Rocks has by January 31st, we are going to randomly give away a $10 gift card to Bath and Body Works.  Okay, yeah $10 isn't much.  We're not the richest people at Throwing Rocks.  If we were, we'd also pay our staff to write articles... instead we all do it from the kindness of our Grinch hearts.  (hey maybe one day our hearts will grow a few sizes as well)

We look at it this way, free is free.  It doesn't take much to share a link or suggest a page to friends.  So you've done your part and you randomly get entered in for a gift card.  The rules:

1.  You have to be on our list of fans as of January 31st.
2.  You have to be doing this in good faith.  If we can tell you're just spamming or being ridiculous, you're not entered.
3.  If you post to our wall with something of value (share a story, quip, quote, comment, etc.), you will have your  name entered twice.
4.  If you submit a guest story or article with something of value, you will be entered four times.
4.  We are capping this at 500 members in the off chance that a miracle happens and we get a lot of "likes" this month... again, we're kinda not rich.

We can add rules as we deem fit as time moves on.  Hell, we'll just be happy if this gets us twenty more followers.  Throwing Rocks is slowly growing, but it's way more fun when we have more people to interact with.

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